CWA Update on Back Pay Arbitration Award

CWA Update on Back Pay Arbitration Award


On December 18, CWA Local President Donald Alire, Staff Representative Robin Gould, CWA attorney Richard Rosenblatt along with Attorneys Shane Youtz, Stephen Curtis and AFSCME National Staff economist and delegation from AFSCME Council 18 met with the State’s team to discuss and review the methodology for paying the back wages and establishing the new pay rate for those employees who were working in 2008 and are still employed by the State.


The first phase of this complicated process is to establish who is eligible to receive the increases that the state was contractually obligated to pay in the CWA contract in 2008. We received our first list from the state (which was combined with AFSCME’s bargaining unit) and have requested that we receive CWA’s split out.


Phase I will be implemented to “stop the bleeding.” Because of the ripple effect over the last five years, all of you that should have seen a raise will get that raise on your hourly rate of pay. This will depend on the difference between what you got from the State on July 1, 2009 and what you should have gotten as outlined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement that was in place in 2008.


We cannot be sure when this will happen as we are double-checking the State’s methodology on how they arrived at this. But we can tell you that we are impressed with the thoughtfulness, thoroughness, and professionalism of the team (kudos to Cabinet Secretary Ackley, Department of Information Technology).


We know you have been patiently waiting for over five years for this to occur. Rest assured this is going to happen. However, it will not happen before the end of this calendar year.


Phase II will involve the back pay payout.


We will keep you informed as the process moves forward.




  1. Hi,
    First let me start off by saying we/I appreciate all the hard work the CWA has done to help state workers with this pay issue. The article is unclear as to when exactly we might expect to receive our back pay, I know the article indicated “it will not happen before the end of this calendar year” does this mean we will not have this back pay until after 2014. The article was published December 30, 2013 so this leads me to believe that it going to take another 12 months and that we have several phases to go through before it happens: it’s already been was at least 5 months since Governor Martinez conceded. Can you please give more diffident information on this process and how long it will take. Some of us if not all have been struggling to keep our heads above water it feel like the life raft will not get here. With the ever increasing cost of living going up, including medical, dental, prescription cost, co-pay, double the deductible cost it’s just never ending. I would like some piece of mind knowing that something is happening soon . Thank you for your time.


      Thank you Justine for bringing this up, what we meant was that state employees will not receive the back pay in 2013. We are working to get that to state employees as soon as possible. We do not have a date or set timeframe on when that money will be issued to employees. Please consider attending our town hall meetings this month as that will be a major topic of discussion.

  2. Hello,

    Like Justine, I am estatic about this and wish to thank the Union for its hard work on this.
    About a year ago, I remember a spreadsheet that was sent out which would give someone an idea of what their raise would be and what they might expect as far as a reinbursement. Is there an up to date version of this which would give someone an idea?


      The formula is the same, the spreadsheet can be downloaded of this website if you go under the resources tab on the menu and click on wage calculator.

  3. PLease excuse the anxiety on this, but was hoping their might be an update on this?

  4. Will all state employees receive back pay or only union members.

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