CWA 7076 Steps into the Debate on the State Budget Woes

The Albuquerque Journal recently ran a front page story on the budget crisis facing New Mexico. The story included this comment from your CWA Team:

Dan Secrist, executive vice president of the local Communications Workers of America union, said many agencies are struggling to perform day-to-day operations with low staffing levels.

“Cutting any more will mean the curtailment of services, there’s no other way around it,” Secrist said Monday.

The Chair of the CWA 7076 Legislative Session Team immediately reminded legislators and the public about the dangers of additional cuts as a proposed way out of the current budget crisis facing New Mexico.

CWA’s legislative team is currently monitoring and researching budget issues and ways to create more revenue as an alternative to cuts in jobs … cuts and more cuts seems to be the approach from the Administration and many (but not all) Republicans.

If you have any ideas or know of out of state contracts, or contractors, that are displacing New Mexicans jobs in state government contact us immediately…it could be your job they are coming after next.


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