Voucher FAQ & Samples

FAQ & Sample Vouchers

All expense vouchers are processed at 11a every Wednesday and all salary vouchers are processed at the same time biweekly on Wednesdays. Please ensure your vouchers are in by 11a.

Where can I get blank vouchers?

What goes on an Expense Voucher?
Items that can go on an expense voucher include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Mileage reimbursement to attend a union even, both going to and from the event
  • Lunch/dinner per diems or reimbursements
  • Hotel rooms if you have to stay over night for a union event
  • If necessary, car rentals for travel
  • If eligible, cell and data plans

What goes on a Salary Voucher?

  • Hours of leave without pay (LWOP) taken
  • If eligible, stipends of any kind

What needs to be included with my Vouchers?

  • Receipts for ALL purchases you would like reimbursements
  • Lunch and dinner per diems do not need receipts, but we do need proof you were somewhere the union paid for your meal(s)
  • Google maps or mapquest to prove mileage
  • A cell phone bill, if you are requesting both cell and data your bill must clearly show both

Can I get both the per diem and the reimbursement?

  • No, you may have one or the other

What do I need for LWOP reimbursement?

  • Proof of LWOP approval (a SHARE printout for SoNM, a copy of time card or time sheet for all other agencies)
  • (only 1 time, unless changes are made) a W-4
  • (only 1 time, unless your hourly rate changes) a pay stub showing hourly rate

What do I need for a Stipend Approval?

  • A VP report is all that you need
  • An acceptable report would say:”August 23rd: grievance meeting for steve smith
    August 24th: spoke with tanya tucker
    August 25th: drove to roswell for e-board meeting”

This all seems complicated. Can’t I just put everything on either a salary voucher or expense voucher?

  • NO! Federal laws dictate that each request must be on the correct voucher. If you send in a salary request on an expense voucher we cannot accept it because it must be signed at the bottom, and none of us are willing to forge your signature. I will call you and tell you if your requests are put on the wrong type of voucher. However, I will not do one for you.

What happens if my voucher is done incorrectly?

  • I will call you and inform you of the error of your ways. Usually its something small and really easy to fix.

Will you help me with my vouchers?

  • Of course! If you need help please call SusanĀ at 505-955-8534

Can you give me examples of how the vouchers should look?

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