State of NM Employees might see a 25% pay cut this June

Last Thursday,  CWA 7076 leaders met with the State Personnel Director, his staff, and a representative from DFA to discuss the potential of a furlough for State Employees. Unfortunately, the State Personnel Office did not present an actual plan, but merely stated that low cash balances might require the State to impose up to five (5) days of furlough for State of New Mexico employees before the end of the fiscal year (June 30, 2017). When pressed for details, they admitted some exemptions would be necessary but did not specify what they were. They indicated they did not actually have any of the Agency plans for implementing the furloughs. However the State Personnel Director did tell us that, if furloughs are necessary, they intend to compress all furlough days into the month of June.

Five furlough days in one month would be a 25% pay cut for most State of NM workers.

In response, CWA is submitting a formal demand for effects bargaining. We are requesting all records, required by law, documenting the supposed “lack of funds” the Governor and the State Personnel Office is using to justify imposing furloughs. We are once again requesting the Agency plans with specific information on which State employees would be affected. If the State of New Mexico refuses to meet and bargain in good faith, we intend to file a Prohibited Practice Complaint with the Public Employee Labor Relations Board.

What can you do?

Now is the time to IMMEDIATELY contact your State Legislators, especially if you are in a Republican District. Let them know you are a constituent and a State of New Mexico employee. Urge them to VOTE “YES” ON AN EXTRAORDINARY SESSION.

Governor Martinez claims that furloughs need to be on the table because of low cash balances, but she hasn’t provided any figures to back this up. We can not take her word on this when she’s planning to take money out of our paychecks to balance her checkbook. Tell your legislators we’re done letting Governor Martinez set the agenda, and urge them to vote “yes” on an extraordinary session that will allow them to pass a real-world budget that works for working families in New Mexico.

To find your legislator, check this link: or contact CWA Local 7076 at 505-955-8534.

We will keep updating you on this and other issues as information becomes available. If you are available to help with planning meetings and related tasks please call our office at 505-955-8534 or email

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