Union families speak out against ‘lunch shaming’

Cara Valente, a legislative analyst and spouse of CWA member Charles Compton, spoke out against the practice of ‘lunch shaming’ in a recent interview broadcast on NBC. Kudos to Cara and her boss, State Senator Michael Padilla, for their work to pass legislation banning lunch shaming in New Mexico schools!


Federal Pressure Could Spur More ‘Lunch Shaming’ Bans

BY: | April 11, 2017

Cara Valente, a state legislative analyst in New Mexico, knows what it’s like to have her children punished because she missed a school lunch payment. At times, she and her husband had needed to wait until their next paychecks to cover the bill, even if that meant being a couple weeks late.

But that tardiness had consequences: Per school policy, her children couldn’t have the more expensive and nutritious meal.

“My kids were mad at us for not having paid the bill and causing them embarrassment,” Valente says. “I was angry because my kids were not doing as well in school as they could have been because they were hungry.”

This year, Valente’s boss, state Sen. Michael Padilla, who also has a personal connection to so-called lunch shaming, sponsored legislation that makes New Mexico the first state to ban the practice.

Read more of this story at http://www.governing.com/topics/health-human-services/gov-states-ban-lunch-shaming-new-mexico.html

Cara Valente in her NBC interview

Cara Valente in her NBC interview

Miguel Almaguer from NBC Nightly News interviews Cara Valente

Miguel Almaguer from NBC Nightly News interviews Cara Valente

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