Union Response to the Governor’s Threats of Furlough

Attention: CWA 7076 Members!

Greeting Brothers and Sisters,

By now you are all, undoubtedly, aware that Governor Martinez has announced her willingness to balance the FY 2017 State budget on our backs, via her threat of furloughs. Meanwhile, Speaker of the House, Brian Egolf, insists that the Legislature has sent her a, modest, bipartisan package, with adequate revenues, to balance the budgets for both, FY17, and FY 18, and that, all she has to do is sign it, and stop, “…needlessly frightening state employees,”.

It seems, however, that the situation is a bit more complex than either of them would have us believe. Be assured that CWA 7076 is working hard, with our union allies, and coalition partners, to put together a more accurate picture of what the FY 2017 fiscal situation actually is, and formulate the best response possible to it. Key agency officials continue to affirm that no furloughs, or office closures have been scheduled, as of yet. We are gathering additional information as quickly as we can, and plan to issue the first, in a series, of Member Calls to Action, as early as tomorrow. In the meantime: Don’t Panic!

Keep in mind that the Democrats control both the House and the Senate, and, if they have the resolve, and the discipline, can stand strong, and stick to their guns, against the Governor’s bullyragging. And, in any Special Session to come, there are strong indications that a number of key Republican Legislators, are also very disenchanted with this Governor’s stubborn defiance of the fiscal facts, and her indifference to the real needs of the New Mexican working families, that she claims to serve, and protect.

The best way for us to help insure that the Legislators, of both parties, (as this is a true bipartisan budget and and tax reform package for FY 2018), have that necessary resolve, and discipline, is for us to lend it to them, for, as God knows, we have plenty of both. If you are willing to help work on this issue with CWA 7076, or have relevant information on breaking developments please call our office: 505-955-8534 or email us at cwactivist@cwa7076.org.

In Solidarity and Confidence,

Dan Secrist, CWA Executive VP

PS- Don’t forget to print your Leave Balances, every day, until the SHARE timesheet conversion is over.

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