We Stopped the TPP (for now)

This past weekend the Obama Administration acknowledged what has been clear for some time – there is no path forward for the Trans-Pacific Partnership this year.

Thanks to your e-mails, calls and meetings with members of Congress, we have stopped the TPP. Supporters of this disastrous trade deal have spent months trying to convince members of Congress to vote for it. But our tireless efforts to remind legislators what was really at stake paid off. With only a few weeks left in this session of Congress, there are not enough votes to pass the TPP.

When this fight began over five years ago, corporate lobbyists thought that it would be easy. The deal was complicated, and they thought that their efforts to negotiate it in secret meant that no one would pay attention.

They were wrong.

Millions of Americans like you worked to expose this terrible trade deal and the consequences for our families, our communities and our environment. We showed how the TPP would give unprecedented power to corporations to overturn laws that might interfere with profits.

As we know from this long fight, corporations don’t give up. We will be keeping a close eye on the new Congress for any attempt to revive the TPP or push forward other trade deals like it.

In Unity,


Shane Larson
Legislative Director
Communications Workers of America

Read CWA’s statement on the TPP here

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